There Ought to Be…

Television programs that promote sustainable development and a rational and logial approach to dealing with social problems. I’ve got three ideas about subject matter and content:

1. Eco-Cities TV – A design show dedicated to showing how much resource consumption can be improved in a city, while enhancing quality of life.Each episode would focus on one city, using interviews, expert analysis, and graphics to show what’s possible for the selected city.

2. Social Issues TV – Facts and analysis aimed at helping viewers understand a selected issue from a rational and logical (as opposed to ideological) viewpoint. A fast pace and lots of graphics will appeal to young viewers.

3. Sustainable Development TV – A weekly newsmagazine covering technology, policy, programs, and social innovations that contribute to creation of a socially and ecologically sustainable world.

Each show could have a companion Web site. Each could also work as a raio show (including internet) but without the graphics. A weekly Web video series is also a possibility.

I could provide research and expert opinion for any of the series, since I do have a PhD in sociology and a background relevant to each show.

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~ by chetdavis on May 21, 2006.

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