Election Day!!!!

Thank God the campaign ads are going away soon. I’m sure that I am not the only one who is relieved about this. My original ideas was to write about escort services, but election day intervened in my blogging schedule. Now I feel compelled to make some observations about elections and voting and Congress.

Let us start with some questions then:

1. Why do politicians and parties run negative ads? Is it because there is real evidence that they sway voters’ opinions? Maybe the ads persist because political advisors and consultants have this idea to "sell" to politicians who are looking for any possible advantage over their competition.

2. Why do politicians insist on mking emotional appeals? Maybe they understand that decision making is erally emotional and not rational as we are often pleased to believe.

3. What sorts of people are more likely to vote? Less likely to vote?

4. What sorts of people are not likely to vote for each of the most common reasons for not voting: not enough time, not interested in politics, belief that voting will not make a difference.

5. What social factors (race, age, education level, peer pressure, et cetera) influence voter participation and why?

Here are a couple of observations too:

Some places (towns, counties, states?) forbid the sale of alcoholic beverages on election day. I noticed this a few years ago when I lived in Alliance, Ohio.

Sending a few new faces to Congress will not allow for a change in Congress. Why? The newbies are entering an established social world with rules (formal and informal), relationships, and traditions that are not going to change because some people would like for things to work differently.

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~ by chetdavis on November 6, 2006.

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