Do Sociology by Patronizing Escort Services?

I’m not sure if you could do a valid study this way. Ditto for working underover as an escort. Please correct me if I’m wrong about either of those things. Today’s topic is the escort service.

You’ve all seen the ads for companies offering  female companionship with a discreet and sexy young woman. (I have to wonder if the women are really as attractive as the photos in the ads suggest.) Escort services sell "companionship" rather than offering to trade sex for money. This makes the services barely legal, at least in the United States. I suppose escort services would be legal in Australia and the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal.

Questions about the business:

  • How many are there in the United States?
  • How many men in the USA have used an escort service?
  • How many men in the USA have used one and would never admit it, even on an anonymous survey?

Questions about the escorts:

  • Who are the escorts?
  • Why do they do it?
  • How long has the average escort worked in the field?
  • How do they think about the services they provide?
  • Do they like men or not?

A sociological question:

Are there any measurable impacts, good or bad, of escort services? I know feminists probably think that escort services just encourage men to view women as sex objects. Conservatives think that escort services are bad because they enable sexual immorality and break up relationships.

And a brief footnote about the illusions and fantasies that pervade society:

Men are generally expected/expecting to pay for sex. Some forms of exhange are socially acceptable (wedding ring), others are not accepted (giving $20 to a hooker) and others are barely tolerated (hiring a $350/hour escort for "companionship"). So, the illusion here is that women can be ezpected to freely share sexual experiences as a sign of love and commitment. If you won’t "share" until you get a wedding ring or a few free meals then you are really exchanging sex for some of the man’s resources. Think about that before hitting the dance clubs tonight.

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~ by chetdavis on November 18, 2006.

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