Four Principles for Selling Workable Ideas


How do you decide on a target for activism or other social betterment? Doing something helpful (or potentially helpful) is always better than doing nothing. It can only help to pause and think about how to act with the most impact.What could you do that would offer the most benefit for the resources that are available?


Attacking people who disagree, appealing to emotions and other logical shortcomings don’t help your cause and don’t realy improve society. Well, maybe. Successfully selling an idea on bad logic doesn’t really help does it?

Marketing Mindset:

Always think of people who you want to influence as customers, or clients. What do they want, need, desire, fear? What is in it for them if they do what you want? Taking the trouble to shop for locally-grown produce might be good for me and good for my community but what reassurance do I have that I personally will get a meaningful benefit? Answering that question is really up to you, not me. Tell people why they should believe that they’ll get the promised benefits. This is where statistics, quotes from experts, and testimonials can help.


Psychology, sociology, and environmental science (to name a few!) offer concepts, theories, and research results that can support our social betterment efforts. Research can help us evaluate ideas, refine our ideas, understand and explain our problem, and sell our ideas.


~ by chetdavis on August 28, 2007.

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