A Systematic Social Innovation Process

 This post is about a social innovation process I developed. Developed may be too rigorous a term. Anyway, the details are rather more complicated than this numbered list suggests. However, this list should give you one or two ideas for approachings to improving your own social innovation/social change/social betterment efforts:

Analyze Challenges – question assumptions and ask plenty of questions

Plan strategically – the social environment, goals, and objectives need to be considered

Steal Ideas – look at many sources of information and ideas for anything you can use

Think Design – values, economics, social context) technology, economics, organizations, politics) influence what counts as a good design

Think Creatively –use brainstorming techniques or systematic idea generation methods

Think Scientifically – remember facts, theory, and logic; use them for a cause or against the other side 

Think Analytically – test hypotheses, relate parts of the problem/issue to the whole, map out the likely consequences of a decision or program or policy 

Think Marketing – audience, selling points, advertising media

 In future posts I’ll offer a little more detail on each step.


~ by chetdavis on September 24, 2007.

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