Thoughts on the Stealing of Ideas

Nonprofits, governments, and activists are good at copying or adapting ideas that have worked elsewhere. This is a good tactics and one that should certainly be encouraged. I only want to suggest that ideas could be copied and dapted from other sources. What other sources am I talking about?

Mundane everday experiences could be sources of good ideas. You may encounter something that can be copied idrectly. It is much more likely that you will think of a stimulating question: What if a homeless shelter were organized like a shopping mall?

The business world offers many ideas to copy or adapt. The whole craft of copywriting can be/has been used to sell changes in society. Other books on marketing, advertising, and the psychology of selling (or persuasion) could be valuable. Books on fostering innovation in a company could contain some easily translated concepts. 

Science and technology news is also a good source of ideas. A technology or an application of a new technology may prove useful in dealing with one of your problems or opportunities. Scientific research may offer information to use in a public educatioj campaign, or a concept you could borrow and use in some way. Ever heard of evolution? I thought so.


~ by chetdavis on September 26, 2007.

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