Some Online Innovation Resources

Today I want to tell you about some resources that might help you to generate ideas, solve problems, or to evaluate other peoples’ ideas. That’s useful stuff to do if you are an activist, a social entrepreneur, or a voter. And don’t most of us fit into at least one of those categories?

First up: If you want a highly readable online guide to some tools for generating ideas, understanding

social problems, and making better decisions you might like the information at

Secondly: Chuck Frey has some great information on  innovation techniques, creative-thinking software, and more. He also posts reviews of software tools and lists of useful books. Visit to see what’s available and think about how it could support social change efforts.

Lastly: You can read more about my crazy social innovations at, and or

Have fun and let me know what you think about those sites!


~ by chetdavis on October 6, 2007.

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