What Counts as a Good Idea?

What counts as a good idea? That’s a question worth answering, especially where the design of a new program, policy, or public eduction campaign is concerned. You need to consider at least three issues, issues that may seem obvious but still need to be treated systematically:

1. Time – How much time is available? There might be a self-imposed deadline. You want to start your campaign during the Christmas shopping season and the day after Thanksgiving is two weeks away (Yikes!). The deadline could be externally imposed – the grant proposals have to be in by December 15, 2007. Yikes again!

2. Money – How much money can you invest in your plan? If you don’t have money you better have some other resource.

3. Other Resources – Volunteers (for labor or who possess specialized skills and knowledge), reputation, and things that could be bartered are all resources that could help.Don’t treat time as a resource! All plans need firm deadlines or the necessary work to move things forward.

Next time: More notes on defining a “good idea” for your group or organization.


~ by chetdavis on November 13, 2007.

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