How to Steal Ideas

Sometimes, maybe most of the time, the best social betterment ideas are nes you steal from somewhere. Why not borrow and adapt a good idea that’s already out there? There is no reason not to try. I describe the process of stealing ideas in The Creative Activism Guide.The process isn’t that hard, and to make it even easier I offer these three suggestions:

1. Know what counts as a good idea before you look for something to steal. Write down your criteria so you are less likely to be dazzled by the cool/sexy/sublime idea that really won’t work for you. How many activists’ efforts have gone awry because of ideologically correct ideas that have no other value?

2. Don’t should on yourself, or the rest of us. Stay away from ideas that seem good ONLY because they promise to make people to do something or think something that you believe they should do or should think.

3. Look for concepts you can use. A great idea may not be something as concrete as a boycott or a carbon tax. The general way of doing something, like putting financial pressure on companies or creating taxes that internalize the costs of a behavior, might be what you need. Identify the concept by thinking about the general method or strategy or approach embodied in the idea.


~ by chetdavis on November 26, 2007.

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