Odd Activism Questions

Random input is a popular brainstorming technique, described in several books on creative thinking. I just thought I would share some random input, in the form of seemingly silly questions:

1. How is a fundraising campaign like a wedding?

2. How is an education campaign like a lizard?

3. How is activism like housework?

4. How is fundraising like jogging?

5. How is a social service agency like a street gang?

How do you answer such questions? Ask yourself about the attributes or characteristics associated with, for example, lizards. Take each item on your list and see if the suggest a new way of running a public education campaign.

If any of those five crazy questions prompts some useful ideas, please leave me a comment.


~ by chetdavis on January 16, 2008.

One Response to “Odd Activism Questions”

  1. “Odd Activism Questions | Activism Tools and Ideas”
    was a marvelous blog, cannot wait to read alot more of ur articles.

    Time to squander a little time on the internet lol. Thanks ,Anne

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